The Ruth Saga – Part 2

As I followed you slowly up the stairs, your hand resting gently in mine, I marvelled again at your figure. The curves and hollows of your shoulders and back, now filmed in sweat, the luscious firmness of your arse, those beautiful cheeks as enticing as ever. Your legs, not as long as you might have liked, but so shapely, so powerfully controlling when required.  Your skin was that of someone half your age, cream satin, burnished now with the remains of your passionate blush. Your glowing dark brown hair, all life and subtle tints, was sticking at its tips to your neck and shoulders. Your arsehole, a little jelly around it, winked as your hips rocked, and there, on your inner thigh, just a glimpse of a thicker fluid, whose source I well knew.

We turned the corner at the top of the stairs and you led me into the bedroom, and I paused.  There was nothing unusual about the bed itself… crisp, cool cotton sheets, soft plumped pillows.  But there were the scarves… All plum silk: 2 long ones attached at the bottom corners, one in the middle at the top, and two more hanging loose over the rails at the head of the bed. On the bedside tables were a selection of items, a feather, a vibrator, a couple of dildos, some straps, a paddle, a riding crop, a mouth gag.

‘After we’ve recovered our breath, I’m going to tie you up,’ you smiled sweetly, ‘make you helpless and tease you, tease you until you are desperate to come… but I will make you wait, wait so, so, long.’ ‘Fuck, yes!’ I managed, you had done this before and it had been mind-blowing. You kissed me softly, tenderly, a sweet, sweet angel, but a dark one nonetheless. Your lips and tongue were so soft, so yielding. You pulled me gently down with you, to lie by your side. Your hand rested on my jaw, your fingers moved to stroke my beard as you gazed into my eyes. Your lips advanced again, opened a touch, and delicately kissed my eyelids, then softly grasped my lower lip before leaving me full of tender emotion. ‘Fucking you is my life,’ you told me, ‘I’m only whole when we pleasure each other. I love to feel you in me. I love to come for you. You turn me on so much…’

I interrupt you with my finger gently placed on your lips.  ‘You are my dark muse,’ I replied, ‘you drive me to ecstasy when I’m with you and tears of frustration when we are apart. You turn me on with your smile, your voice, your words. Every time I see you I want to fuck you, I want to feel your legs around my waist, over my shoulders, your arse being pounded by my hips. I want your warm wet mouth and hands to own my cock. Now we’re lovers I can’t imagine how I existed without you.’ Another kiss acts as if to seal our compact… and we lay, gazing at each other contentedly silent, our hands gently following the lines of each other’s torso.

At length you prop yourself up on one elbow, gently push me over onto my back and bring a leg over to rest on mine. Your head hovers above mine, your hair cascading down like a parted veil, your lips descend with more urgency, and my tongue is sweetly tested and pursued.  Your hand slides slowly down my lower chest and belly until you fingertips rest on, and then gently stroke, my cock… which stirs and stiffens. I hear the sound of pleasure deep in your throat, and your hand continues its teasing as you move to nuzzle my neck. You reach above me and take one of the loose scarves, your hands grasp my wrists and you gently lift up my arms above my head as your mouth moves to kiss, and lick and suck at my armpit.  My arms are flat along the bed, above my head, wrists side by side.  Your throw your leg over my waist to straddle me, shuffling up a little to present your wonderful pendulous breasts to my eager mouth. I suck easily at your firm extended nipples as you loop the scarf around each wrist and bind them together.  ‘Mmmmmm’ I hear again as you pause before sitting back.

Your leg returns to the other side of my body as you kneel and start to kiss one of my nipples. A hand is running up my inner thigh as you lick my tiny hard bud… and then your mouth is descending, over my chest, your tongue spiralling and curling through my hairs, down my chest, onto my belly, and beyond. Your hand is firmly holding my balls by now, and you kiss the tip of my now fully erect member. ‘Baby, you could wake the dead,’ I enthuse.

You roll off and walk round to the bottom of the bed. ‘OK babe, Spread ‘em.’ My mind flicked back to my earlier tease; revenge was indeed being served cold, and it no doubt tasted excellent to you.  Once again, I was surprised by just how adept you were at securing the knots and I wondered if there were darker areas in your past than you had so far revealed. My legs were widely spread and securely bound. You gazed in appreciation at your handiwork before coming up the side of the bed again to loop the top scarf around the one binding my wrists.  ‘Shuffle that adorable butt up this way Babe… as far as you can.’ In tying this next knot you managed to get some stretch into my arms that meant I needed a little writhing to settle and get comfortable. (Well, as comfortable as possible).

You climbed onto the bed, on hands and knees. ‘Now my little prisoner, what shall we do with you?’  I felt your mouth shower intermittent kisses on my belly, one hand gently hefted my balls whilst the other flicked at my nipples with your finger-tips. It seemed to last an age.  Your mouth moved down onto my pelvis, the hand previously tormenting my nipples was now, oh-so-lightly stroking the hairs on my belly. Your hair brushed against my straining cock, causing me to jerk as you kissed around it, not touching. Slowly and deliberately you turned to my thighs, licking and stroking. One (just one!) sucking kiss on my balls and back to my thighs, I was starting to groan and toss by now. ‘I love your thighs’ you said, your lower timbre vibrating sexily. ‘Your skin is so soft, but your muscles so strong and well defined,’ as you ran your hands along them. Another ball sucked briefly in, tongued and released.

You knelt upright, turned away, got off the bed and then waved the feather in front of my face.  ‘Now you’ll find out just what this can do.’ You walked round to the bottom of the bed, leaned forwards and began to exquisitely torture my legs, the feather running slowly and softly up my calves. You climbed on the bed to continue the painful pleasure up my thighs. ‘Shit, Fuck!’ I was shouting. You found the way I was squirming amazingly hot, your juices were dripping down onto the sheet. Oh God, no! The feather traced the line between my balls and up the underside of my cock. It throbbed and jerked, pre-come oozing from the tip. You extended a finger and very gently smeared the fluid over my crown, looked at me to check I was watching, and sucked the finger delicately clean, smiling.  I’d almost swear I heard you purr.

Your mouth descended to my swollen testicles, lifted by the plate of your hand.  You feasted on my sweetbreads. Fuck, you were good, I was licked, kissed, sucked, moulded, I was yours to do with as you pleased. ‘Oh!’ you exclaimed, ‘ my pussy seems all wet. Will daddy clean his little girl’s pussy?’ you clambered up the bed straddled my arms and thrust your juicy cunt into my willing mouth, almost before I had finished my incoherent assent. You were soaking, your lips were swollen, your clit huge.  You felt my tongue eagerly lapping and my mouth sucking up your sweet juices, your lubricant and your come. You started to grind your hips into me, fucking my mouth with your cunt. You felt that familiar fire again and you rammed into my mouth as the molten sensation pulsed through your pussy. ‘Uh, yeah, that’s it baby. Again.’ You eased off the pressure so that my tongue could drink yet more, and flick up to your electrified clit.  You knew how much I got turned on by you coming… although it was certainly pleasure for you, it was also a stimulating tease for me. My tongue was starting to feel sore and tired by the time you grabbed my head and forced my mouth hard against your pussy for your next soaring orgasm. Your hips gyrated and your head threw back in a soundless scream, mouth wide.

A little rest, then ‘Oh Babe, are you still thirsty?’ as you lifted that divine arse, positioned your pussy in front of my eyes and opened your lips. Fingertips on the edge, holding you open, I could see your muscles contract and dilate, forcing liquid to run between your muscled walls. Your middle finger slipped inside about 2-3 inches. The fingertips of your other hand held your lips wide for me.  You were moving your finger only just a little, the noises you were making were driving me mad, and mine were music to your ears.  Suddenly, your hips dropped, your cunt was above my mouth, and a stream of fluid jetted out over my mouth, nose and beard, soaking me in aromatic sex juice. Your groan could have woken folks a town away by the sound of it.  You moved rapidly and bent to lick juices from my beard and face, before kissing me open-mouthed and slow, parting with a duelling of tongues.  My mind was in turmoil, I almost felt like I had come myself. As I came to my senses it was to find you teasing my nipples with that damned feather.

– –

Even now, I find it almost impossible to describe that unique blend of pain and ecstasy, of irritant and stimulus, I have never found anything similar enough for analogy. Before long, more pre-come was oozing from my slit, and this time it was mopped up by the lightest, teasing and damnable contact from your tongue.  You savoured both the taste and my anguish as you licked your lips and smiled down on me… And then you reached for the riding crop. You teased me first, running the ridged spiral whipping that covered its full length slowly and lightly between your juicy cunt lips. You turned sideways on, poked out your pert bottom and lightly tapped your cheeks. ‘Wouldn’t you love to do that?’ you asked. ‘Oh Yes!’ was my expected reply. ‘Maybe later’ you answered, ‘but now…’ and you reached forward and very lightly tapped the crop against my stiff cock, then again, and again a  little harder.  ‘Ah, we don’t want you sore’ you commiserated as you bent forward to administer a few moist licks, before repeating the blows. At each impact my cock was jerking from far more than just the force of the contact and you knew it. ‘Mmmm. Very satisfactory,’ you mused and started to straddle my hips. Your clit came down resting on the underside of my cock. OMG! Not again!

Oh yes! You leaned forwards, weight on the outside of your hands as your thumbs pushed the crop across and into my mouth like a bridle, as you rode up and down the length of my cock, rubbing your clit along it. ‘Oh yeah babe. That’s it!’ you encouraged me. ‘Make me come Baby!’ Your rhythm stayed slow and steady, despite the fire-spiders crawling through your belly. The twitches of your eager pussy. You gazed hard into my eyes. ‘You’re gagging for it aren’t you? You filthy, dirty, bastard.  Don’t you dare come until I say so! Until I’ve had my fill of you.’ You looked positively dangerous, almost scary mad. You rode the length of my cock with your clit, your mouth slightly apart, eyes half-closed. Then you convulsed, your hips rammed my cock into my pelvis and the riding crop sailed across the room as you buried your face in my neck, saying ‘God, I love fucking you, I want to fuck you and never stop.’

By this stage I was starting to get a little desperate. ‘So fuck me then,’ I tried.  ‘Not yet lover,’ you replied, ‘I am nowhere near done with you.’ This time you held a vibrator and the narrow paddle.

– –

You approached me from the side, sucking on the vibrator. You just placed the paddle on the bed for the moment as you lasciviously sucked and licked… the characteristic Mmmms and slurping sounds I so adored were turning me on as much as the look on your face and the glances into my eyes. You switched it on and started to play it over your nipples which responded by standing up still more proudly.  Then you leaned over, spat on my straining cock, and applied the vibrator to the area covered by the trickling fluid.  Down you went. Along the underside, round the sides, along the length. I wasn’t used to this and it was so intense, with you luxuriating in the control, me bound, and all the sex leading up to this. Your mouth hovered over the tip of my cock, dewed again, and you dribbled more saliva onto my hot crown. You brought up the vibrator and I almost hit the roof.  Seeing my reaction it was just a touch and away, pause… and then again.  ‘Ffuuuuuuuucckkk!’ almost a shout this time. You kept this up, stimulate and rest, stimulate and rest… and I was begging you to let me come.

You stopped. ‘Look at me,’ you commanded. I obeyed as you spread saliva over the tip of the now quiescent vibrator using your lips and tongue. You raised yourself up so I could see more clearly and lowered it down to your swollen lips. In it went, just a couple of inches with you watching your pussy stretch and mould itself around the pseudo-phallus. I knew you love to watch penetration and your pussy envelope flowing around piston-like motions and that is what you started, slow and even. I could see your colour change even before you switched it on. You moaned very softly, but soon withdrew the vibrator before bringing it close to my face. ‘Mmmm, wet enough I think’, you teased. It was covered in saliva, pussy juices and come. You turned below again… and suddenly the vibration is between my balls, angled down between them and round to press up against the very centre back of my ball-sack.  Your tongue began to lick the helpless objects mercilessly, you sucked them hard into your mouth tonguing me furiously.  My swearing was almost constant, my hips were rocking as far as I could manage.

Suddenly it stopped, what an exquisite relief… Thwack! ‘Aargh! Shit,’ and again, Thwack!, more cries of pain from me. But mingled in the pain of each (thankfully light) blow was an amazing erotic charge. Now you mingled it with the vibrator on my prick, and soon I was hollering that I was going to come. ‘You’d better not!’ you warned, ’I want your come inside me.’ You left pauses between each touch of the vibrator, and then the occasional surprise lick of your tongue. I was beginning to beg. ‘Ah, poor little fucker… struggling to hold on are you?’ Your tone held a nasty edge, ‘maybe those balls of yours need more of a lesson…’ 3 sharp blows to my tender testicles brought a volley of profanity… and then you were licking softly and gently over my sack. The tips of your finger and thumb lightly gripped my cock and slowly moved up and down. ‘Close your eyes’ you said tenderly.

I felt you get off the bed and move away. I heard what sounded like clinking, and then you returning. Now your hand gripped my prick firmly, and then there were cold lips on my crown and the burning ice of your mouth descended over my engorged cock to my agonised moan. You fucked me with your freezing mouth.  ‘God… yes… Oh Ruth… shit!’  You stopped, spat, ‘open your eyes now babe. I want you to watch me whilst I take your come.’ Suddenly, you were astride me, your hand guiding my still cold, erect cock into your pussy. Your powerful muscles felt strangely distant. Then your pelvis ground against mine as the chilled stalk filled your cunt. You fell forward, hands on my shoulders now, face hovering over me. ‘You’re mine babe, body and soul, you can’t escape me’ you told me.  Your hips rode me as your pussy warmed my cock. ‘Fuck me! I want your come, it’s mine.’ And you were right of course, at that moment I felt as if all my spunk from that moment on was your possession, that my cock and I were there only for you to do with as you willed. As your insides liquefied and your nipples seemed ready to erupt it was like a tantric ritual binding me to you. ‘I’m gonna come’ I moaned. ‘Yes baby, I want it, all of it. Your spunk filling me.’ I jerked, thrashed, grimaced and pulsed, and pulsed, and spurted… as you milked me. I hadn’t noticed you come, though you told me later that you had, and it was great. You were moving in slow lazy circles as I finally managed ‘Fuck… that was amazing. I’m yours, totally… forever. I want to fuck you forever.’  ‘Mmmm’ you murmured. ‘You’re mine… and I’m yours lover.’

– –

You rested for a while on me, breathing me in, feeling our mutual heat and sweat. Your breasts were squashed against my hairy chest, you could feel my cock gradually shrinking within you, and all our juices mingling in your cunt. Knowing how hot being pinned down makes you, you decided a little revenge was in order… Your legs locked themselves over and around mine, your hands slid along my arms to hold my wrists, still tied together, and you started to kiss my neck and throat again, to lick me with open laps and hard-tongued flicks, to kiss and bite my neck, shoulders and lips. ‘Mine,’ you breathed before you kissed me again, and you squirmed your breasts against me. Your hips ground against mine as my flaccid cock rested by your entrance… but your continued attentions started it moving and growing again.  You loved that, the way a man can’t help but recognise your sexuality.

You kissed my throat then raised your head above mine, gazing wickedly at me. ‘You said your wife’s away for another 2 weeks didn’t you?’ I nodded. ‘Hmmm,’ you smiled wickedly, ‘in which case…’ Your mouth fastened on the side of my neck and bit and sucked… you were marking me for the duration of her absence.  You knew it was something I loved and you had not been able to take the risk until now. You felt a warmth building inside and knew it was something you loved too. Your nipples were now erect as they rubbed against me and the abrasion was doing wonderful things to both of us.  But you wanted more… So a shift brought those wonderful rose and cream tits up to my mouth. ‘These puppies need your attention’ as you thrust one teat into my mouth.  I responded with hard sucks and flicks of my tongue as you kneaded the outside of those wonderful boobs.

‘Harder!’ you commanded… leading me to gently bite your nipple to open my mouth to press my teeth to your wider flesh, before returning to bite and tongue your nipple again. Your hips were grinding your sodden pussy into my torso as you fed me your other breast. ‘Mmmm’ you luxuriated. My mental image pictured you with eyes closed, at that moment, and I would not have been wrong.

‘Enough’, you suddenly interrupted my attentions and sat up. ‘My turn’, you said as you reached for the vibrator.  You kissed my neck again, looking for my member to stir and swell more, before moving to lick and suck at my armpits. Finally, you descended hungrily on my nipples, one stirred by your tongue and teeth, the other by a circling and flicking finger. Then you switched on the vibrator and played over and around my tiny stiffened nipple, your finger and thumb now gripping the other.  The sensation was so like pain, but with that sexual charge, not quite like physical discipline… but similar in a way. As far as I could, I was squirming. ‘Stop that!’ you demanded, as you continued tormenting me, pausing only ever so briefly to lick both my nipples, before changing over the vibrator and finger and thumb.

Then you stopped, sat back and started playing with your own boobs, relishing their weight, their silken skin, the touch of your fingertips as you traced over them, the response as you flicked your nipples, rocketing straight down to your clit again.  ‘Mmmm… your cock liked that,’ you say as you look back at my now erect member. You lift your left boob up towards your mouth and stretch your tongue out to lick it.  My eyes are riveted on the way you are giving yourself pleasure, and my prick is indeed fully at attention now.  ‘Does he want to play?’ you ask.

You move to one side and look down at my straining cock, and there is a little dewy pre-come there at my slit. ‘Oh, he does,’ you say as your mouth approaches, and with just the softest touch, your tongue cleans the juice from me. The lightest of open-mouthed kisses on my glans follows, before you start to crawl down the bed, and over between my legs. You lower your breasts to my cock, and, without pressing them together, just ease them up and down my length. My cock travelling easily within your cleavage, gravity holding your tits together just enough to exert a light and delicious pressure on my cock.  You play with me, pausing to squeeze your breasts to encircle my cock. Holding my prick at the base to beat it against your nipples. Pausing every now and again to hold my pulsing member in your warm, wet mouth, and suck me to distraction.  Then, my emotions in a complete whirl, you started to kiss my belly and pelvis, administering another love-bite as you go.

‘Time for you to lick pussy babe’ you announce… and you position yourself astride my shoulders facing my groin, and lower your pussy onto my mouth, moving your pussy actively over my face this time. My tongue, mouth and nose are creating delicious reactions in your belly, it feels hollow, flipped over, and the fiery electric tingle is developing nicely. You position yourself advantageously for my tongue and lips, and then lean forward. You do not want me to come yet so your attentions are much more restrained and sporadic than usual. A brief period of licks, then just the feel of your breath, a few strokes and then just the warmth of your hand at rest, the briefest feel of your lips encircling me, travelling down my cock, the lightest of sucks. Meanwhile, I am licking and sucking for all I am worth and you feel the warmth building, the tingles growing. But you don’t want to come like this.

So you stop and get off the bed, remounting at the base to crawl lasciviously up between my legs, licking my balls briefly, likewise my cock. Then you shuffle up, you kneel astride me, your pussy hovering above my stiff cock… and you start to wank, two fingers on your clit, one up inside you, frigging gently.  You groan as a jet of fluid erupts from your pussy, over your fingers and fountains over my cock and pubes.  My eyes are almost starting out of my head as you ejaculate again and again, soaking me, leaving your fingers covered. ‘Fuck! You horny bitch!’ I yell, as my cock twitches furiously. At last you stop, apparently exhausted, smiling.

But I was wrong, it is only a moment or two before you clamber off the bed and head for the table. ‘Now, I’m going to untie you and make you come,’ you announce and you turn, and approach.  You are holding the jelly, the dildo, and some straps.

…and I realise, that isn’t a dildo, it’s a strap-on! Oh fuck!


– –

‘Watch me Baby’, you instruct… as if I could look away, as you begin to fasten the strap-on around your hips, taking care to make sure I am fully attentive. Then you stand there gently stroking the fake phallus and playing with your nipple. Uncharacteristically, you are gently biting your lower lip… it looks like this will be special for you as well as a first for me. I’m excited, worried and nervous all at once… and very, very horny!

You are running your fingertips over the knots and ridges and thinking of all the different cocks and dildos you have enjoyed, how they felt in your cunt and your arse, and therefore how they might feel to me.  You could feel still more moisture in your pussy.  It seemed to call to you to hold the shaft more firmly and push it against yourself, feeling the pressure, the rocking sensation it could give. I saw you gasp a little as you played with your cock… this was definitely giving you pleasure.

‘Mmmm’ you murmured as you stopped to approach the bed, ‘you are going to need some serious lubing.’ You paused to untie my ankles, your cock waving a bit from side to side as you moved. The movement was even more pronounced as you clambered on the bed between my legs and picked up the lube. ‘Bring your feet up towards your arse, and lift your bum up for me.’ I did as instructed, my legs relieved to move again. You edged forwards some more, squeezed lube on your fingers, and suddenly leaned forward to reward the tip of my rock-hard erection with a soft lick. Then I felt the cold of the lube on your fingertip pressed against my anus, and you started to rub and smear and push up and slightly in.  Your lips kissed my cock now as a finger worked its way deliciously into me.

You knew I was used to this when you massaged my prostate for even more salty come, but you were so looking forward to stretching me with another finger. Ready for penetration with your much more substantial cock. You paused to get more lube, spotting it at the centre of my hole and then thrusting and pushing it in, periodically teasing my cock with your lips and tongue. The cold sensation of stretching and forced entry, and the hot wet attentions to my cock were like arrows into my pleasure centres. My erection felt like it might burst asunder let alone come. Your fanny was so wet again, your stomach felt hollow, and there were tingles everywhere you might desire.

‘Time to let you go,’ you said, and kissed me ardently and open-mouthed as you moved upwards to untie my wrists. You rapidly rolled off the bed in case I made a grab for you, though in truth I think you had me in too much of a sexual stupor to attempt it. ‘Now babe, come over here and kiss me whilst you lube my cock!’

‘You are fucking perverted, and filthy… and I absolutely adore you!’ I confess, and you smile sweetly, but with that glint in your eyes that can turn my knees to jelly. ‘Uh huh… now do as you’re told’ and you pass me the lube, let me squeeze some onto my fingers and then advance so you can place your hands gently on the side of my neck, your thumbs stroking my neck and earlobes so softly.  I start  to smear lube over your length before wrapping my hand around your prick to stroke up and down and cover it well. You are kissing me softly and tenderly planting kisses on my short beard too, and you are very much enjoying the sensations produced by my stroking your cock, the pressing and release against you. Those fire-spiders are starting to move, you wonder about asking me to massage your breasts and nipples, but your need to penetrate me is stronger. ‘This is going to hurt at first… but you will love it’ you tell me. Before leaving me bereft of your lips and hands.


‘Bend over and put your hands on the bed babe.’ I obey, how can I not? You pause for a moment or too, admiring the line of my back, my rounded arse… and you cannot resist running your hands over them, through and over the hairs of my back, following the muscles, the rises and the hollows. Now your cock is pressing gently against my arsehole. ‘Whores should know to spread their legs,’ you admonish me, and I am surprised that I had not done so. My mind starts racing… ‘whore’… what have I let myself in for here? You push my feet a little wider still requiring me to bend my knees a little.  This of course brings me to a better height for you as well as granting easier access and an ability to brace against your thrusts. ‘Relax babe’ you tell me ‘it’ll be easier that way’… and I feel you push your cock against my resistant anus and just the tip enters a tiny way and opens it as you pull my arse-cheeks apart a little with your hands.

Now you reach round and grasp my cock with your hand, the other in the middle of my back. You push your hips into me and my hole is stretching around your cock. You gaze down upon it and almost come yourself. The sight of those muscles, being forcibly stretched, then relaxing and opening more with another moment of pressure. You are far enough in to commence a gentle rocking, in and out and up and down, and to me it feels far too much, it is like my arse is being split. I am letting out little pained gasps, but I know this is nothing compared to what you regularly crave yourself.

Your hand starts to frig me as you gently rock in and out, penetrating a little further each time, then pausing to swirl your cock to different angles, into different areas of my arse. I hear a load groan from you as you climax again. I can feel the jerk from your cock as your body spasms. Your fingers constrict my cock almost painfully and I can feel your hand clawing at my back. You are back to business after only a brief while though… and now it is a long slow press, forcing the phallus deep within me, splitting my arse, stretching me into dilation. Each knot and ridge a separate exquisite agony as it passes and controls my muscles. It feels like you have crammed the universe into my arse, like my entire body is filled with you, ‘is’ you in a sense, the part of me that remains separate now feels just like a covering for the me = you , the ‘us’ that you have generated, dominated by your will.

I can feel you against that familiar point by my pelvis now, as you rock against this. You lay down against me, your breasts squashed against my back, your hand stroking up and down along my cock. Your other hand is up under my chest, clinging on now it feels like. You are rocking against my prostate with greater force, and your hand is giving me no respite.  ’I’m gonna come,’I yell. ‘You’re fucking my arse and making me come,’ and, true to my word, you start to really fuck me, and it hurts like hell, but my kinky side obviously loves it, because, although you reduce your hand-motion to just an occasional flick, it is not long before a huge fountain of creamy come shoots out into the air, and I jerk as each extra portion comes to decorate the tip of my cock and fall off. Rapidly you swivel back and underneath me between my legs and suck and lick on my cock, gently milking me with your hand, the other squeezing and stroking my balls.

I’m groaning in exhaustion… from the sexual high rather than physical workout. You guide me to lie down on the bed and lie beside me, head propped up on an elbow, your other arm draped casually across my chest. ‘Thanks babe,’ you said, ‘always wanted to do that. How was it for you?’ ‘Bloody amazing!’ I reply, ‘ I assume the arse adapts with practice.’ ‘You offering?’ you shoot back, smiling. ‘Let’s see,’ and I kiss you softly and tenderly and stroke your jaw. You catch my hand with yours and kiss it. ‘I think we had better have a shower’ you suggest.

We do, and we soap each other and have slow face-to-face sex as the water streams down us… and we lie on the bed to rest and sleep, you spooned around me for once. Your arms are round my body, I can feel your breath against me, your hips and legs touching mine… it feels like my dark angel has wrapped me in her ebon wings and is taking me to show Morpheus our love.



The Ruth Saga – part 1

This goes back some way, originally it was written and sent in numerous parts, but I think two will suffice for this blog


For Ruth

When you came back into the room you were totally naked.  As ever, the total lust you inspire was still tinged with disbelief… how come this horny angel was at all interested in me, let alone having taken me as her lover.  From those beautifully shaped legs, the gentle jutting hips and cinched waist, up to those perfect, perfect breasts you were exquisite. A figure to make the pope into a fornicator.  But your face… That wonderful complexion, oh so kissable mouth, delicate chin and cheekbones to die for – all framed by that wonderful dark brown mane.  Then there were the crown jewels, your eyes.  Limpid pools of hazel, sometimes seeming to reveal your very soul in their passionate depths, sometimes as mysterious and unknowable as the deepest ocean.  I never grew tired of gazing into them.

At this very moment I could tell they were burning into mine, as if to possess me. Your smile told me that, whatever was about to happen, however much I enjoyed it, I was going to have very little say in the events unfolding.  My cock was stiffening already.

You advanced slowly, never moving your gaze from my eyes, your movements were languid and fluid, a slow sensuous rhythm that reminded me of a graceful feline confident that its target would not escape. Your lithe grace always astounded me, so self-possessed yet so easy, and so powerful.   As you came opposite my seat on the sofa, you spread your legs apart either side of my knees. You lifted your hair up from your neck with one hand, tilting your head, knowing full well the effect it has on me.

I leaned forward gently kissing your satin belly, your hands held my head gently, fingers in my hair. Mmmm, I heard you murmur.  You allowed me a few more kisses then gently eased my head back “Sit back”. I did as instructed and you knelt forward onto the sofa, legs astride mine, hands on my shoulder, and sat back onto my thighs, your pussy a couple of agonising inches away from my swelling groin.  I tried to lean forward to worship those magnificent breasts, to lick at your honeyed nipples, to suck them erect, but you stopped me, placing a finger over my lips as if asking for silence.

“No, I’m leading… you follow.” You grant me a gentle smile and then lean forward to kiss the side of my neck – moving down to grant my throat the same pleasure.  Your fingertips trace my hairs at the opening of my shirt.  Then you lean away again, and start to undo my shirt from top to bottom, pausing after a couple to lean your cheek against my chest, slide your hand within and stroke. A fingertip rubs my nipple and your mouth is hot against my chest. You raise your head, hand on my chest, to kiss me softly on the lips. Your lips pluck and pull at mine, but softly, gently, your tongue is soft against mine.

You pull right back and now use both hands to undo my shirt completely, pulling the tails out from my waistband and off to side.  I notice your nipples are now standing proud, you are luxuriating in your sexuality, your power over me, your control.  Now you begin to play with me in earnest… Your tongue is dancing swirls over my chest, your fingertips tease, your palms soothe, your lips kiss, your teeth gently bite.  A couple of times your hand gently strokes my rock-hard erection. “Oh Ruth, I’m yours, totally.  You turn me on so much – I think about fucking you all the time.” “I know” you answer “and you always turn me on too”.  You lean forward to ease the shirt off my shoulders and bring your face close to mine. “Speaking of which… Yes, you may suck my tits now”- and you ease your hips forward so that your groin now rests firmly against my straining cock.

Placing my hands at the sides of your breasts, I lean forward. My lips open slightly and you can feel the warmth as I blow upon your nipple, the tip of my tongue softly caresses your areole, brushing the edge of your nipple… your slight shudder tells me how aroused you must be.  Your nipples are making you respond as if they are plugged straight into your clit. I harden my tongue and circle again, then pause to flick firmly at your nipple. A soft moan escapes you, ‘Yes!’

Another few flicks and then my lips are surrounding your sensitised bud, gripping it firmly and pulling.  Your other nipple is pinched lightly between finger and thumb, and likewise pulled… and gently twisted. My mouth moves to your other breast, my other hand replaces it at the first one. You are holding my head in your hands, fingertips in my hair again, gently stroking, encouraging.  ‘Kiss me’ you demand, and raise my head. I place a hand on each breast as we engage mouths. Your lips and tongue are far more demanding now, more forceful.

My palms feel your hardened nipples thrusting against them, the rubbing stimulating them still more. Your hands are caressing my neck as you bite my lower lip. Then you lean forward to brush my ear with your lips and whisper ‘ I’ve been thinking about fucking you all day, and that’s just what I’m going to do.’ Your hands start to guide mine down your flanks, ‘ I’m going to fuck you long and hard… and you are going to fuck me.  I want your cock in my pussy and in my arse… I want to heal your sore dick with my mouth…’ My hands are now being smoothed over the glorious swelling of your arse, passing beneath to your buttocks. ‘You want that too don’t you?’… as you lift your arse closer to me, supported by my hands. Then you begin to rock, in and out, up and down, providing a delicious pressure and friction against my groin. My cock feels like it is going to explode soon, as you gaze deep into my eyes again.

‘You are amazing,’ I gasp.  You separate from me a little and my hands instinctively support your back… yours descend between us and begin to undo my belt.  Oh shit! the smile is back, what do you have in store for me? Well, part of the answer seems to be forthcoming as you unzip me and reach into my boxers to grasp me with your fingertips.  ‘Mmmm,’ you murmur as I gasp.  You start to give me a hand-job with your fingers.  Your mouth feeds on mine again.  Now your hand is buried within my underwear and grasping my member firmly, the up and down motion is strengthening. ‘If you don’t stop I’m going to come in a minute,’ I confess.  ‘Uh, huh’ is your only response as you continue, your other hand seeking my balls.

Suddenly you stop. I realise my balls had just retreated up towards my abdomen.  You remove your hands, push yourself up and back, off my lap.  You kneel and slowly and carefully pull down my trousers to below my knees, then stretching the waistband of my boxers up and over my still had erection without touching it.  My cock is straining at empty space, pre-come evident at the tip, and you start to stroke my thighs.  ‘Take your boxers off,’ you instruct.  I race to comply.  Smiling again, you pause to pull my clothing right down to my ankles.  ‘Lift!’… and I raise my feet to help you pull my remaining clothing free from my body.

Slowly, and with obvious lascivious intent, your head moves forward, your hands parting my thighs. Your mouth is now poised over the tip of my throbbing cock. Your tongue gently licks the liquid from it, but otherwise you make no contact. ‘Shit’ I cry.  You are showing no mercy though, your mouth descends and you begin to tongue my balls.  I’m desperate for you to attend to my cock, to make me come, but you won’t do it… My balls are sucked into your mouth one by one and licked, your nails rake my thighs and the sides of my arse. My moans and groans are getting louder.

You release me from my torment, leaning back again… but this is a new torment, for my whole being demands you make me come, right now please. ‘Right,’ you say, ‘it’s time for you to lick some creamy cunt,’ as you stand.  ‘So get filling.’  You straddle me kneeling again, but this time aim your cunt straight for my straining cock.  God you’re wet, dripping almost, and I’ve scarcely touched you.  You ride me far more quickly than usual and I’m almost apologetic about how quickly I spurt my come deep into your vagina (but you knew that would be the inevitable result).  ‘I love it when you come inside me’ you reassure me.  ‘Now, I want you to clean my pussy, I want you to eat up every last drop.’

You stand and then perch yourself on the end of the sofa-arm, waiting for me to follow my orders.

– – –

I kneel before you, and it almost feels like an act of worship… and I am to take communion from my favourite chalice.  I see our mingled come oozing out from between your lips and sliding downwards. ‘God, you look so sexy,’ and, in truth, you do, all of you, not just your slightly swollen creamy cunt.  Your hair is rumpled, your eyes half-closed in anticipation, your colour is up. Add to that your sensational body and exquisite face and I’m in a Dionysian paradise.  ‘Open wide’ I cannot resist saying, and you smile sweetly whilst spreading your legs up and wider, thrusting your pelvis forward.  (I am SO going to pay for that later). I see a globule of semen oozing with your other juices down away from your cunt. I quickly cup my fingers below it to make sure I catch it and then begin to gently lick the lower part of your lips and entrance. You love the feel of my tongue made slippery with all that juice.

I pause, ‘We were losing some.’ I lift my hand to show you and you reply ‘That would be such a pity… it looks so tasty’.  Taking the very broad hint I lean forward, supporting my weight on my other arm and offer the mingled fluids to your lips.  Your hands take command of mine, you lick and suck off the lighter juices, pause a moment, and then gobble up the dollop of semen. ‘Mmmm’.  One by one you lick and suck the length of my fingers.  ‘Mmm, thanks Baby, that’ll keep me going for a while… the rest is yours!’  So I return to my designated task… quickly making sure to consume anything trying to escape.

As I mop up the juices on your outer lips and move inwards I can hear your low gentle moans, I see your hands start to play gently over your breasts and I know to alternate periods of cleaning up your pussy’s fluids and flicking at your clit.  Before I even get close to removing all the spunk you are oozing, I notice your fingers and thumbs pulling at your nipples, so I move up to concentrate on your clit, lapping a little to start before settling into a flicking rhythm. The liquid fire seems like it could melt you whole, you seem like you are about to float within a sea of lava, not as a separate entity, but as a part of it. ‘I love your tongue, I want you to lick me forever!’ Spasms shoot through you as you come, your churning hips drive your pussy hard into my mouth.  I ease off, just leaving my tongue against your clit, lightly resting, still.  ‘Fuck that was great,’ I hear you say, ‘make me come again you dirty fucker.’

I move my head to begin licking and teasing your inner thighs, my fingertips are caressing your buttocks and arse, I detect the occasional bit of writhing. I decide to continue for a while, before lifting my head up between your legs… and on towards your belly. I start to kiss just below your navel, each one slow and tender, with a little extra suction applied, then released. Each sends shivers through you, a quivering pulse of sex seeking fulfilment.  A fingertip is pressing flat against your arsehole but it makes no attempt to enter as my mouth so very slowly approaches your pussy… only to pause, lift a touch… and descend to your thigh again. That finger makes you want to squirm and thrust against it, to force it to penetrate, to engulf it in your sexual hunger.

After what seems like an age, my head lifts again… only to head up towards your breasts… and yes your nipples are beginning to show more than a touch of the ‘organ stop’ about them. ‘Shit,’ you mutter as my tongue starts to work around an inflamed nipple. Those fire-spiders are dancing in the web draping your belly, anchored in your clit and nipples, and you sense yourself beginning to drift again. Oh, that felt so good to you when I gently bit you.  ‘Fuck, yes!’ Still better this time.  ‘Eat me you bastard, make me come.’

Obedient at last, my lips kiss your open, swollen pussy lips, my mouth sucks at your juices, and then my top lip presses up against the bottom of your clit.  It is like plugging you into the mains, you feel like you are about to explode. How in God’s name did that not make you come? My lips close around your clit and suck gently.  Your hips are pumping despite yourself, I keep gently sucking as my tongue flicks… and again… Not with a rhythm, but like not quite separated individual events. My fingertip has returned.  ‘Yes baby, don’t stop’ as I reduce the gap between flicks. Your hands are on my head again, denying my mouth the chance to leave. As I speed up a little you try to jam my mouth into your pelvis, you begin to heave. ‘Yes… yes… I’m going to come… Unnh… Aaaahhhhhhh!’ and your cry slides slowly into quiet.

I can hear your rapid breathing begin to calm, the raging torrent coursing through your nerves has eased. ‘Fuck! You’re so good Babe. I love it when you lick my pussy.’ ‘You do have the tastiest pussy ever,’ I reply, ‘and also the prettiest.’ You sit up and rest your hands on my shoulders, leaning forward so that my head can tilt up for a tender soft kiss… that slides into soft lip chasing… before a more passionate open-mouthed repeat.  You can taste your pussy and your come all over my lips, mouth and tongue.  ‘Sit on the sofa Hun,’ you tell me.  As I do I wonder what you have in store for me next.

– – –

You got up and went over to the cupboard, and brought back a smallish velvet bag, which you placed away from us on the sofa.  Your eyes locked on mine, hazel gazing into brown, and you were in that ‘seeing deep into my soul’ mode that is almost scary at times. Slowly, you once again knelt astride my thighs and brought your head close to mine, that lovely soft dark brown hair bouncing onto your so sensitive neck, now gently filmed with sweat, as was I.

A soft tender smile that makes me weak, played on your lips and your fingertip gently stroked my lower lip downwards before being replaced by your mouth, likewise in one of its softest modes.  Your lips were the most delicate of teases, of erotic promise, and your taste, as ever, sweeter than the sweetest honey. Your eyes were half-closed, their delicate lashes fluttering a little, all unconscious, as you gave me tender pleasure.  I knew that you could go into this mode for ages, seemingly never tiring of gently expressing your affection for me, reminding me that our lust had extra dimensions between us.  I responded with my own tender worship, following your kisses, gently holding your lips with mine on occasion, softly and slowly meshing tongues. My hands caressed your hair, held the nape of your neck, followed the familiar and still wonderful curve of your back down to the arse that I adored, but you still doubted. The tips of my fingers and thumbs moved over your sumptuous breasts and my palm smoothed over your silken belly.

You moved to kiss my neck, knowing that I seemed to like this more even than you (if that were possible). You whispered, ‘I have 2 treats for you darling, one now, and one for later.  Because you make me horny every time I see you or think about you. You make me want to fuck you and never stop… and you want to fuck me too don’t you?… forever?’ ‘Forever and a day, babe’ I reply, pulling back a little to gaze into your eyes as I say it, to emphasise its truth.

You stand slowly, gazing at my torso, and down to my erect cock. You reach over to the velvet bag, and pull out a small tube of jelly. ‘ I want you to fuck me in the arse babe… long and slow, and hard as rock… you are going to need this,’ as you open the top and squeeze a good size dollop onto the palm of your hand, before firmly grasping my now-throbbing member. The cool of the jelly contrasts with the burning heat of our flesh as you work it around and over the whole of my cock. You stand up straighter with a satisfied smile. ‘Now me’ you say as you put a knob of jelly on my forefinger.  You turn round, spread your legs either side of mine and bend over holding your calves, presenting that divine arse and its pink jewel to my gaze.

I push the jelly onto your anus… it is so ready that my tip enters almost immediately, and I twist it to spread the jelly well, my other hand sends a finger to circle around my trapped digit, which begins to pump gently in and out… my other hand reaches for the tube to squeeze out a little more jelly, and two fingers from that hand replace the originally favoured one. Your moans are becoming quite loud now.  I pump and twist and push, sometimes removing my fingers to push more jelly in from the edges of your stretched hole. At times you almost over-balance as the fires burn deep inside you and spread out over your belly, igniting your nipples and clit.  I pause and you stand and turn, reaching into the bag again, saying, ‘Remember you telling me a few weeks back about a thought you’d been having…’ Suddenly you were dangling a pair of love-eggs before my eyes, and I remembered the conversation vividly, and your ready acceptance and excitement.  Fuck, YES! My already rigid cock jerked, a small droplet of pre-come appeared as you slowly inserted the toy into your dripping pussy.  The look on your face could have made a celibate come.

…and you turned, and sat… but not on my cock as yet. I saw the shudder run through you as you lowered yourself, this was going to be fucking amazing.

You moved my hands from your sides down to your mound, the slightest movement revealed your clit, and your hands were hard on your breasts and nipples.  You lifted your arse, reached beneath you, and guided my cock towards your well-lubricated opening, rubbing your arse down my belly as you began to stretch and absorb it. You bounced a little after a couple of inches were in, then again as more entered, and there I was, in arse heaven with you again, buried deep.

You rested your back against my chest, my nipples were hard and you could feel them pressing into you, a pale imitation of my erection deep inside your arse.  You brought my hand round to your breasts as your head leant against my shoulder and your arm went up over my head and around your neck. You started to raise and lower your hips, shuddering as you did so… your other hand descended and I heard you gasp as you came. (So Quickly! ??) The juddering of your torso, the little extra jerk of the hips, the colour I could see flooding through you all told me we had taken you through the first orgasm in this position.

Slowly, you began to move again, though I noticed your arm showed no signs you were stimulating your clit.  In fact your hand was just resting over your pussy, pressing gently, The sensation of your muscles, tight around the balls, was great, the movement of the weights inside almost mind-blowing with your arse filled like this. ‘ Fuck me,’ you command, ‘fuck me in the arse and don’t stop’… I start to thrust my hips up and into yours, your body squirms against mine as you ride me.

Our sensations blur into one another. I am thrusting, being held, squeezing, being squeezed, pumping, gasping, sweating against you, my mouth buries into your neck. Your head is back, eyes closed, mouth open, wordless.  You are a swirling mass of molten lava, chaotic pleasure, mixed and intermingled.  You are gripping, controlling, abandoned, fucking and a vessel for my cock, the weights and cock churn within you.  Unable to hold back, you drive your hips down and forward, hard into your hand, as you spasm again. The pulses down my cock are almost psychedelic in their effect, sexual heaven seems to surround me and it is named Ruth.

This time you don’t stop, you crash on through, the pain blurred, buried within the start of a super-orgasm.  Guttural cries and moans burst from your mouth as you pound faster and harder. I have no say in this my presence feels almost irrelevant, this is you and the goddess of sex, one on one in a battle for ecstasy.  My flesh is weaker than I would like though, and despite your initial command I know I will be coming soon, very soon.  Your nails bury into my neck, and, as if you pressed a trigger, I jet my come deep inside you. I hope against hope I will remain hard enough for you to get where you need to go, one of my hands drops down to cover yours and press yours harder against yourself. You groan and grind against my hips and hand.  I slip my finger under your palm to touch your clit and rub it from side to side.

‘AAAAHH! Fuck! Shit! Unnnhhh!’ and it sounds like the most eloquent tribute I have ever heard as I kiss your neck and throat gently, you slump against me as I hold you and your hand moves down to stroke my beard, I go to kiss it and see blood at your fingertips.  Making blood sacrifice to your primal goddess seems oddly appropriate.

We sit, you in my arms, my cock slowly reducing, your juices dripping down to soak over my legs and onto the furniture.  ‘You are the most amazing fuck I could imagine’ I murmur… ‘Mmmm, pretty good yourself,’ you reply.


After a rest, you kiss me gently, stand, and take my hand.  ‘Now… Upstairs!’

Poem: Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand


Spring’s blue-call from carpeted woods,

Bell-rings summon us to walk,

Within green-filtered light,

Beneath the April canopy.

My love’s eyes, soft and splendid,

Vary like flowers beneath early leaves,

Or wrapped direct in golden light.


Her hand warm in mine,

Together against shade’s chill,

No hardship,

Merely counterpoint to our love,

A warmth long-fueled,

Billowed by bellows of passion,

Stoked by minds mutually reflecting,

A spiral of stimulation,

Never quenched, creative dynamic,

Cementing them hand in hand.


Babygirl Goes to Town

This was written quite a while ago for a young lady unrelated to me, whose particular orientation and kink will be obvious:

Babygirl Goes to Town

The streetlights haloed in the fog and reflected off the damp pavements and roads. At least it had stopped raining. She walked carefully, trying not to splash the dirty water onto her highest heels and patterned stockings. Apart from those, and her long straight dark-blonde hair framing her pale countenance, all an onlooker would have seen was her long charcoal trenchcoat, tightly belted and emphasising her thin waist and snake-hips.

For a November evening it was not as cold as she had expected, but even so, she hoped she would not have to wait long, not that she could complain if she did. That was definitely not an option, the game did not work that way. She pursed her newly coated lips in that enticing moue and peered beneath her mascaraed lashes through the gloom as she made her way to the relatively deserted side street. She stopped and leant against the streetlight, gazing eastwards along the road. It was at times like this that she hated being denied the guilty pleasure of a cigarette nowadays. She tried not to fidget to offset that attraction.

Two beams cut through the gloom, picked out clearly in the light scattered by the fog. They approached, slowed a little, and flashed off and on once before stopping. The passenger door of the silver car opened a little and she pulled it further. ‘Show me!’ commanded that familiar voice, and she quivered a little as she quickly pulled on the knot of the belt and spread the coat wide, angling herself so the light of the streetlamp fell on the figure that had been hidden. The red satin skirt was stretched tightly across her hips and clung to the top of her legs before ceding the rest of the job to her stockings, the heavier band just visible below that high hem. She knew her legs were superb, and she made sure they stayed that way. These heels made her look just that extra bit enticing and fuckable though. Her thin white cotton blouse was tight but not stretched over her breasts and quarter-cup bra, her nipples were proudly poking out the delicate material, rubbing delightfully. She knew the white lingerie was clearly visible against her tan, through the blouse, she had carefully checked as she dressed, she dared leave nothing to chance.

She stood there, feeling far more exposed than she ever did naked, because she knew the power of this man’s gaze. He seemed to miss nothing, and there was a light in his eyes that made her melt whenever she was permitted to look upon them. Not that she would dream of doing so now. In any case, the heat affecting various parts of her body were surely clear indicators of his regard, her nipples, groin and legs glowed internally. Her pussy was beyond moist by now, and it was not the cold that was hardening her nipples this much. ‘Very good my sexy little girl. Get in.’ She moved swiftly to comply, making sure once seated that her legs were nicely spread and her coat fell to her sides leaving her figure on view. He rested his hand on where the very top of her stocking met bare flesh and a pang of longing shot through her clit. ‘Pinch them as I drive,’ he told her as he put the car in gear and moved off.


The natural pointing of her breasts was greatly enhanced by those carefully engineered cups, and helped thrust her large areoles and wide nipples emphatically against her blouse. She grasped her already swollen, hard nipples between thumbs and second fingers… and squeezed, *hard*, and pulled, and let them back down and pulled and pinched hard again. She held them hard, as the nails on her forefingers raked across their tops, the pain causing spasms of pleasure to shoot down through her belly into her aching cunt. She began biting her lip to keep from moaning, seeing him glancing across at her occasionally as he drove, she continued to torment herself until, ‘that’s enough.’ She could just detect a smile on his lips through the corners of her downturned eyes. ‘For now,’ he added.


She listened to the music playing in the car, she had learned by now that this was a piece by Schubert, one of his Piano Trios, although she confused the numbers of them in her head. It was the dark emotional one, and she knew it was likely to reflect ‘his’ mood, which made her wonder what she had in store for herself tonight. They pulled into the car-park of the hotel and into an empty bay. She pulled her coat round herself and held it with a quick hitch as she got out. They had been here before, and as usual he had obviously picked up the room key and deposited his belongings, because they used the rear car-park entrance, opened with the key. ‘Room 114,’ he had said quietly, ‘to the left.’ She walked quickly down the corridor, scanning room numbers, until she reached the designated one. She waited patiently just beyond the door, looking down, as he reached towards the lock to open it. She could see the slight bulge in his trousers and her stomach flipped. It still rather surprised her though that, no matter what may happen once they were inside an environment, no matter how she might suffer, he always held the door for her at this point. She had come to see it as one of her Daddy’s quirks in the way he demonstrated his care for her. She walked past the bathroom to the bedroom and gave him plenty of room to enter behind her before stopping.


He passed her and sat on the bed, his bag lay at his feet, the bag from which his magical apparatus came, those devices that converted his imagination into reality. A reality of pain and pleasure, of freedom or restraint, of denial and release. ‘Go and hang your coat up my little slut.’ Ah! Sounds like one of those sessions, she liked these…


Knowing his likes by now, she removed her coat where she stood and folded it over her arm so that, as she walked back towards the door to carry out his command, he could enjoy her tight skirt displaying her arse and legs. ‘Yes. You look hot and dirty. Keep walking for your Daddy.’ This was a little unusual, but she was happy to comply, she enjoyed very much that he liked her looks as well as her compliance and devotion.  From her careful sideways glances he did seem to be following her movements, she made certain she swayed as sexily as she knew how. ‘Stop. Come stand before me.’ Now, it would begin.


She positioned herself directly in front of him. Square on as he usually required. Eyes locked hard onto the floor. He stood and his hands moved to her still protruding nipples. His fingers were so much stronger than hers, and even though she was accustomed to this her eyes almost produced tears as his thumbnails ground her sensitive flesh against his fingers. ‘Yes, Babygirl, pain can make you cry. Give Daddy your tears!’ A hand locked in your hair, ‘Show me!’ he commanded and pulled her head up and back sharply, tugging at her scalp, and her tears did well up in her eyes a little now. ‘Good girl,’ his voice honey now, dark with promise. ‘Take that blouse off for Daddy,’ as he turned and lifted the bag to the bed and pulled out the clamps. She quickly averted her gaze lest she be punished (once again) concentrating on making sure her top was off when his attention returned. He squeezed and pulled at each nipple in turn before kneading her small pointed breasts suspended by the shelf of the bra, his mouth descended to suck fiercely and bite her nipples and areoles. She bit back more tears and cries. He lifted his head and pulled her teats fiercely before attaching the clamps, the pressure was an exquisite test of her endurance. He then attached a heavy chain between the two, the additional weight dragged at her breasts, and she guessed what would come next. ‘Walk.’ She did, and that same swaying that enticed him now cost her greater pain to employ. ‘You may look at your Daddy,’ he stated, matter-of-factly, and she could see him following her, his eyes flicking between arse and breasts. After a few passes he motioned her towards him. ‘Bend over my knees, Slut. Your arse needs to learn some discipline.’ As she complied, bending her head as far towards the floor as she could, her arse poking up and out, her skirt so very tight now. Thwack! That was a paddle not his hand. Each blow pounded straight through the stretched material, quivering her tight, firm young arse-cheeks. The occasional smoothing with the implement broke up the periodic blows. She was half gasping as they landed now, the painful heat building, crying a little again, her nipples ached from the swinging weight. A blow at the bottom of her arse sent pain shooting through her pussy, but the spasm was not only pain. More blows on the main parts of her bum again, before another crash against her pussy brought a spasm that triggered orgasm. A moaning, crying, writhing wet mess of a climax, as her arse burned warm.


‘You, my little girl, are a filthy, hot slut. What are you?’ ‘Daddy’s filthy hot slut, sir’ ‘That’s right you whore, now crawl onto Daddy’s bed, prop your arse up in the air with a pillow, raise your knees and spread your legs.’ She felt her wetness increase still further as she obeyed. ‘Pull your thong to one side and part your labia for Daddy. Have you shaved as I asked?’ ‘Yes Daddy, of course. I do everything you tell me, I only exist to please you Daddy.’ She revealed her clean, young bald pussy, so pink and tempting, flushed with blood here and there now, oozing with juices. ‘Good girl. Wait there. Do not move.’ He left to go into the bathroom and returned unwrapping something. ‘Close those pretty eyes Babygirl.’ She did so, and felt him lean onto the bed near her legs. A finger entered her dripping cunt, swirled, and moved to her clit, homed in and pressed, and rocked and circled. Her hips bucked. ‘Still!’ almost a shout that, and she struggled to try to control herself, as that teasing of her clit continued. Now 3 fingers began to prise her fanny open as they pushed within her weeping hole, and they swirled and thrust in and out, before withdrawing, which almost caused a dangerous moan of frustration before she swallowed it. Then her pussy lips were on fire, her entrance seared and her tunnel muscles contracted in both pleasure and torment as something forced its way in, slowly, deeply, and the slowly came back out, almost slipping out, before plunging back. The sensation was amazing. ‘Yes my Babygirl, you can look now.’ She did and saw a glass dildo sliding in and out of her cunt, guided by his hand, with a wicked smile on his face. The cloth he was using to hold it gave her the clue. The bastard had chilled it right down in a fridge or something. It was fucking magnificent! and it was no surprise to her that he was making her come again. This time it was expected so she was able to ask permission. ‘Please Daddy, if it pleases you sir, can your girl-slut come Daddy-sir?’ ‘Not yet.’ The thrusting continued and she buried her fist in her mouth as she waited before gasping, ‘Please sir, Oh please daddy, Will you let me come? Please, I beg you, if it pleases you, may I come?’ ‘Yes you may come Baby-girl. You can satisfy those disgusting slutty urges of yours. Come for your Daddy.’ And she did, oh yes, unmistakeably, noisily, passionately, and thanking her daddy profusely as she did so.


Not that Daddy slowed at all, the long, deep strokes continued, using the full length of the toy, now her pussy was becoming accustomed to the temperature and warming the dildo up, the spiral ridge was beginning to feel very nice indeed. Her eyes were closed as she rode out the tail end of the last orgasm, the waves diminishing… Until she felt fingers on her clit, pushing, probing, and… OhMiGod… ‘Daddy, you are making me come again! Please, can I?’ she was holding on desperately already, ‘Please Daddy, can I come again?’ Relief came with a word, ‘Yes.’ Never had that permission felt as sweet, because his fingers were absolu… ‘Fuck! Shit!’ she bucked and thrashed but he held on to his position, her clit was hurting, burning like a solar flare, her cunt gripped and clenched, and fell apart, only to pulse round the unyielding glass again. When he removed the nipple clamps the surge felt like her nipples, head and clit would explode from her body. ‘You will now come until I tell you to stop,’ was his firm edict.

Relentlessly, her Daddy kept his strong hands working, driving her into yet another orgasm before she was half-over the last one. Waves after waves started to crash through her, her nipples were cascading lava out over the clamps, her lower back was the driving volcano of electricity that stung her clit and wrung her cunt. She lost track of climaxes as discrete things, despite so much pleasure, her body was calling for more even as it approached overload, she blacked out for a few moments.  When she regained a semblance of consciousness, her wonderful Daddy was gently murmuring ‘that’s enough my little one, Daddy is very pleased with you…’ the movements of the dildo and his fingers were now gentle, almost caressing, easing her back. ‘I love you Daddy,’ she could not resist saying. ‘Daddy knows… You love him even when he slaps you don’t you?’ ‘Yes Daddy,’ she murmured happily, not catching on to the implication. Slap! Across her cheek. It made her face sting, tears were welling. ‘You love it don’t you?’ ‘If it pleases you Daddy. Yes!’ Slap. Her other cheek stung now. ‘Thank you Daddy.’ ‘Good girl, tell me you love me, that you love being slapped by me.’ She put on her most seductive voice, ‘ You know I love you Daddy, so much. I know you have to punish me when I am so naughty. I love it when you slap me Daddy, Sir. I would do anything for you Daddy, you know that.’


‘Good girl! Is my little slut hungry? Do you want to eat Daddy’s cock?’ ‘Yes sir! Please sir!’ She bounced forward on the bed eagerly, kneeling to get her head near her Daddy’s bulging jeans. ‘Free your feast then Babygirl,’ She gently started to pull the belt open, her mouth nuzzling the erection through the fabric. She was producing even more juices now, knew her ache would now be satisfied only by this. As his jeans fell and revealed his boxers she felt her stomach somersault. She so loved this opportunity, the one time she had any sense of vulnerability in this guy’s make-up. As her fantasy-fulfilment he did everything she needed, more than she imagined possible in one man really, but he did not keep her just for himself, even if he insisted on picking all partners himself and dictating the frequency she fucked.

‘You may.’ She started to nuzzle his cock through the fabric, clasping his muscle with her lips, rubbing herself along him. Then she eased his waistband up and over his stand. She started to gently kiss his tip, lick with the very tip of her tongue, taking the salty pre-come into her mouth to savour. Her fingers lightly brushed each side of his prick, as she parted those full pump lips and slid firmly down over his helmet, attaching herself limpet-like around his crown and building the suction as her fingers ran lightly up and down. Her tongue and teeth abraded his tip, but she was careful not to cause too much pain at this stage, the consequences of doing so would last she knew. And she wanted to give her Daddy as much pleasure as she could; not only was she committed to do so, but it gave her pleasure to achieve this. Lips pressing in firmly, she started to sink further down his shaft, tongue still writhing against his member. She lifted her head slowly, still clamping and sucking hard, until her head descended again. She felt him shift as his legs sought better balance, and she smiled inwardly, her clit throbbing gently, like a mirror of his cock, held by her hands and mouth.  She kept up the bobbing movements for a few passes and then started to sink right down him, relaxing her throat for his tip to bed deeply against it as her lips touched base, with her hands massaging his balls. Then sliding up and down from this position, butting him against the depth of her throat as she squeezed his ball-sack, fondling his testicles with firm and practised hands.


She came up for air, coughing and spitting phlegm and saliva over his cock, massaging it in as she reached down to start tonguing his balls, holding his shaft as she sucked them into her eager wet mouth, first one by one, then together. She returned to deep-throat him again, and began to work to her established rhythm. Several minutes had passed before on one tonguing episode she felt his balls react more strongly. This time her lengthy immersion of his cock was faster, as was her bobbing, and her hands tested his balls. His breathing altered too, his balls tensing, and she commenced short harder movements just beyond his glans, the sucking even harder now, and the tongue lashing. As she felt the bucking start, she clamped herself onto him and sucked and licked every last drop from her Daddy’s jerking dick. Opening her mouth only to lick the last few oozing drops, and decorate the length of his cock with his come and the saliva. So she could mop it all up again with another pass. She loved the salty sweetness he gave her. ‘Daddy’s good slut. His talented little whore,‘ he said as he lifted her head up to kiss. At moments like this she was sure he loved her back.


‘Now come and lean over the bed,’ she obeyed, leaning forward, hands resting on the sheets, her arse raised, legs instinctively apart.  Her stomach churned as her Daddy lifted her skirt to completely bare her arse-cheeks, pulled down her thong, compelling her to bring her legs together and step out before positioning her heels well apart again. She knew he was reaching into that bag again. What she felt next though, was unmistakeably his mouth, beard and moustache abrading, and teeth biting into, her firm young buttocks, abusing the already slightly sore flesh further. The lightest of touches on her clit accompanied his gnawing attentions. Then she felt him move, and the paddle started to land, the intervals long enough to let the sensations grow and diminish and change, to leave her in suspense awaiting the next blow, but relentless, remorseless. She was gasping and crying now, when he stopped to stroke her arse with the paddle the spreading heat tingled with pain at the contact, and much though she loved and adored this pain, she still could not help her reaction, but she knew her Daddy loved her showing her suffering, revelled in it. More blows, her whole body was wincing, her face contorted. Tears were running down her beautiful face. ‘Daddy’s naughty little girl has earned her punishment. She is getting what she deserves.’

She felt his fingers running along the cleft of her arse, heard him spit, and the spittle land on her anus. One finger was brutally thrust into her, with no preliminaries. He started to thrust it in and out. In her tenderised condition, this was a divine invasion. A second finger forced her arse apart. The pace increased, then swirls and curls inside her changed the sensations. ‘Come with me to the bathroom my little baby-girl.’ She followed him, the clue in the form of words he had used. ‘Now take your skirt off over your hips,’ she knew the tight fabric rubbing over her abused arse would hurt, she had not realised how much until she did it. She winced and gasped as she completed her Daddy’s order. ‘You know you came earlier without permission, don’t you?’ ‘I’m sorry Daddy, Sir! So very sorry, I did not mean to, you know that Daddy, don’t you? I wouldn’t.’ ‘Daddy knows you almost had no choice,’ the tone was kindly, but firm. ‘But the rules exist for a reason. You know that… Kneel by the toilet.’ She obeyed, trying her utmost to exude maximum compliance. ‘Hand into the bowl, near the water.’ He took his cock and pointed it down towards the toilet bowl, soon a warm golden stream flooded over her hand. He knew she hated this, it was a punishment he used especially for her; and whilst most of her hated it, still there was a core of her that celebrated this degradation to be added to the others.  She was still confused by this conflict, it made her more vulnerable, and thus more sensitive to the pain and pleasure surrounding it and her. ‘Now wipe your hand on your arse.’ God! It stung. So much! ‘And lick it clean.’

When she had done as he asked, the taint of urine still fresh on her tongue, he motioned her to rise. ‘Back by the bed. Forearms flat on the mattress.’ As she arranged herself, he reached into the bag again, and she felt a huge presence pushing at her stretched anus. A click and it started to vibrate. Oh, it felt so good. She felt the pressure increase, and fingers entered her pussy; as she responded to these, the relaxation allowed the vibrator to penetrate deeper. A circling motion stretched her still wider and more slipped in. Fingers thrusting within her pussy let still more sink within her rectum. The vibrator’s head was now fully within her, and the shaking was causing her insides to shake like liquid fire in response. Centimetre by centimetre he pushed the big vibrator deeper and deeper, no longer bothering with her pussy. Now it rested there and she was quivering with the result.

Pain tore through her, her back and arse. She knew this! He was flogging her. He knew she adored this punishment, this pain, this pleasure. A sequence of blows landed and she jerked at each one, gasping, moaning writhing. He did not bother to talk now. The blows landed, the vibrator shook in her quivering arse, all the sensations began to blur again. She was becoming overwhelmed again. She had just enough wherewithal to gasp for permission to come, to appeal to her Daddy’s knowledge that he was pushing her beyond any limits of her control, any power to resist the surge. She heard his assent as if through walls of cotton-wool, as blow after blow made her body pulsate and writhe, buck and gyrate. Tears were flowing, her make-up ruined, snot running, as she came in a torment of fire, an electric maelstrom that drove her beyond any sense of self. She was lost to pleasure, to pain, to love of her tormentor. Her Daddy, her only lover.


The End (of this encounter’s tale at any rate.)

Poem: Vision in Red

Vision in Red


Brown locks frame deep-blue eyes, dark-painted,

A vision of vulnerability,

Soft-limbed loveliness, clad in clinging red,

Sheer chemise edging the triangle’s point.

Knowing I will see her now, she treats me,

Wrists supplely-cuffed in ebony leather,

Awaiting my pleasure,

To bind, to hold, to possess her,

Knowing she possesses me, by my possessing her.


In light-skinned beauty,

Above cheekbones adamantine,

Steel-strong fire sears my soul,

As her eyes drive my desire,

To take, to thrill,

To pleasure and to compel.

By her selfless gift,

She becomes her greater-self,

Immense, immeasurable, undeniable,

Her possession makes me hers,

As she surrenders to be mine.

Poem: Vibrations




Heart surge as she looks,

His name!

And the thrill takes her,

The content matters not, it is him,

This faceless man,

Direct-wired to her cunt.

Pussy damp, she opens her phone,

And her being.


No aching description to feed upon,

Not this time,

But such a store of these, her memory holds,

That remembrance is a drug.

Simple, direct:

‘My cock is hard – as I think of you.’

Such banality, baldly sent,

Should not send her spinning… yet,

Her pussy’s pulse brooks no buts,

No denial is left her, even if wanted.


Her greatest want is assent,

To all asked of her, all possession;

Drenched so easily, mind filled,

Swamped by him,

Driven by her thoughts, she reaches…

And finds electric release.

Batteries power in-absentia lust,

As she submits.


Bzzt! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…