Strange Beginnings

She came to console, to heal, to cheer.
He saw her hurt, her fear,
Her inner treasure and outward beauty.
Recognised now, their need grew, their own and each other’s.
Need’s demands, thus  oriented, made known mutually,
Could not be denied.
Emotional whirlwinds insisted on physical expression,
Each to the other, in focus as well as desire.
Vulnerabilities laid bare, strengths shattered,
In lustful but loving abandon.
Until their selves sprang reborn,
Divinely strengthened by their lover’s regard, their worship.
Two aflame in one fire of passion, recycling its fuel.
Virtues reborn, as their very selves.
Inner contentment, newly created,
Resists all transient ills,
Their mutual open-ness embracing acceptance,
Of all the universe is, and might be,
Magicked by their empowering togetherness.


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