Poems: New Lovers 1-4

The beginning of a sequence based on the early moments of an affair



Sensuality overloads my senses,

Your slim fingers brushing through hairs,

To tweak my nipples.

Your lips softly seek to open mine,

To offer me your breath,

Your tongue a play-thing for your lover.

Sinuous sexuality,

As your hips dance against mine,

Coaxing my cock erect,

Dewing to match your longed-for lips,

Softly, you command me,

Divinely obscene at my ear.



Sweat-drenched limbs entwined,

Damp hair clinging to shoulders,

Tired, ecstatic, dripping,

Wobbly, aching legs,

Demanding more, beyond reason,

Beyond sense, bar the sense,

Of unquenchable need.

They cannot get enough,

Of lust and pleasure,

Of each other.



Slow, panther-like, graceful,

Heel-lengthened legs in satin contrast,

To sheerest lace,

Hem tracing your crotch.

Your heat burns me from across the room,

My fire mounting as you approach,

Eyes lustfully locked onto mine.

I fall to my knees before you reach me,

You cradle my head in your hands,

And name me your lover,

Your cared-for slave.



Surprises selected,

Now prepared, she exits the bathroom.

He rests, bare-chested, on their bed,

As requested.

She loves his body now,

Her locks’ new master-key;

It seems he speaks true,

When he says he loves hers.

His eyes widen,

As an affirming smile greets her adornment.

A creation of lace, chosen for this moment,

Will be christened well by pagan passion.

As his arms reach out she gathers his hands,

Kissing his palms;

Then, smiling, she turns,

And lifts her hem,

A red jewel winking in her virgin arse,

Telling him,

This cherry too must be eaten this night.

But first…

She hands him the paddle.


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