New Lovers 5 – 7

The ‘story’ continues:


The slick of you,

the slide, the grip,

the clasp of you.

The trap of your eyes,

the lure of your lips,

the curve of your hips.

The way you sway me.


The spell of you, cast so long ago,

ritually burned into my being,

with each shuddering orgasm you undergo.



These fingers still feel your skin,

your slick walls.

My mouth seems fresh-kissed,

but ever eager for the next.

Your taste lingers, in unerase-able memory.


My eyes see yours at every moment,

my ears hear your gentle voice,

your tuneful laugh.

Your parting words still burn my consciousness;

a promise now made 2 days hence,

to be fulfilled in 4 days more.



Freshly fucked

a warm contented smile

graces her glowing face.

Shining eyes affirm this new lover.

A gentle graceful touch, irresistable,

draws both close again.

Clothes fall.

The world will wait.





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