About AlastorMusing

This is being used as a venue for short erotic fiction and poetry, and thoughts on related topics. As regards my erotica, I sincerely hope people enjoy them for the ideas and language as well as the content. As erotica, it is also very gratifying if readers find them appropriately (or inappropriately) exciting. It seems that some do like my work and have been kind enough to say so. I hope you will be one of them.

Me? I am bearded, older than I wish to be, less athletic than I might be, and far naughtier than I should be.

I adore cats, Philosophy and fishing. Food and cooking it are great pleasures. Books take over our house too regularly, from historical research tomes to P G Wodehouse, from an almost complete collection of Swinburne to Caitlin Kiernan.


Love is the Law, Love Under Will.


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