Perca fluviatilis

Steady-turning, tip low,

feel extended through finest lineaments.

My arm’s sweeping twitch-response,

tugging darting replies, unequal to freedom.

Flash of black-barred gold and fiery fin,

within the cloudy flow,

as mounting pressure compels,

into the waiting net.

But not the pan.


Strange Beginnings

She came to console, to heal, to cheer.
He saw her hurt, her fear,
Her inner treasure and outward beauty.
Recognised now, their need grew, their own and each other’s.
Need’s demands, thus  oriented, made known mutually,
Could not be denied.
Emotional whirlwinds insisted on physical expression,
Each to the other, in focus as well as desire.
Vulnerabilities laid bare, strengths shattered,
In lustful but loving abandon.
Until their selves sprang reborn,
Divinely strengthened by their lover’s regard, their worship.
Two aflame in one fire of passion, recycling its fuel.
Virtues reborn, as their very selves.
Inner contentment, newly created,
Resists all transient ills,
Their mutual open-ness embracing acceptance,
Of all the universe is, and might be,
Magicked by their empowering togetherness.

Long Weekend

We needed a break and our long-planned trip to Bath happened this weekend. Despite chronic fatigue we managed to rest up and recuperate a bit. Some lovely cheeses, salamis and ham were purchased, along with excellent artisanal bread.


Every day, this was the view from our front door:



On Fri we ate in the restaurant that is cheek-by-jowl with the residence. Swimming crabs were lovely.

On Sun we visited the Eastern Eye, stunning setting for truly interesting and unusual fine Indian cuisine.

20140518_123454 20140518_125642

The standard of cooking is quite remarkable for the price. A real treat on each visit.

The Working Dead

There is a tiredness of mind, where limbs likewise lay lethargic,

Exhaustion more than physical,

A spiritual malaise dragging down a body without spirit.

Mind-numbing work, no challenge, little reward,

Bores its way into the psyche, draining all that hints of joy and life.

The longed-for return to family home, to warmth, nurturing, caring, sharing,

Becomes but laying down to sleep, as soon as essential chores are done.

To see the chance, harness reserves, to momentarily escape, to feel release,

These hard-found attempts at transient joy, are all that is striven for.

As life continues and leaks away, slipping between tired lifeless fingers.