Poems: The Twitter Archive 1

Twitter Poems


You played me

Drawing out my unrequited desire,

And shattering my complacency

With words that said

Ask me and I will assent.

– –

Why won’t you just punish me?

Tie me, beat me?

Make me come,

Hurt me as I need.

Why must you wring tears

With your tenderness,

Your care?

– –

I know your want, your need,

For pain,

Soaring mountains & sounding depths,

Of aching & stinging,

& searing intensity.

With your chosen one

– –

The heat of your regard,

Inflames me beyond endurance

Demanding I slake my thirst

Within your tantric temple.

Redeemed reborn. Yours.

– –

Sweet music,

Of strings and wind,

But sweeter by far,

Your gasps and sighs,

That build by Ungh and Aah,

To moans and cries,

Then sighs again

– –

You open to me.

Arms, lips and legs,

Begging and demanding,

As you open yourself.

Dangerous lure,

For now, committed,

I am more open still.

– –

Night comes in

To close in our unity

Each to the other.

Looking within our lover

We find ourselves,

Our passion

And our grace

– –


In legs and arms,

Enfolded and enveloped,

By slick muscles,

My ardour throbs,

As you direct:

– –

To sketch me as I am,

means showing you inside me,

wrapped around my heart,

kindling & feeding my kundalini fire


– –

Soft swollen folds

flow beneath my tongue,

creases and valleys,

blushed with passion,

laved with juice,

the slippery switch,

turned on.

– –


Sweet Peas, Stocks,

Violets and Freesias.


Musk, Civet,

Ambergris and Nard.


Skin, Hair,

Mouth and Cunt.

Sweeter by far.

– –

Each word pierced the aether

Arrowing through defences.

Pierced with lust, her hope burgeoned

Demanding eternal spearing

Deep to her core.

– –

The carpark dark,

lit by interior light,

she waits,

thrilled, expectant.

First time, fully ready,

sodden by anticipation and desire.

– –

Bound, gagged,

red-lined, sore,

wet, so wet,

clamped awaiting release,

she kneels,

awaiting release,

the floodgate-burst.

– –

Your hand seeks mine,

fabric passes.

They smell of you, of sex.

You take me down the darkened alley,

wrap short-skirted legs round my hips

– –

Lips eclipse your bud,

as mound-pressing fingers rock.

The fire-web draped across your belly,

stirred by electric kundalini spiders.

– –

Hair wrenched, locked in a fist.

Arching to keep reddened cheeks high.

Ungh, means harder,

aaah, deeper.

Shudders speak her finale.

– –


He couldn’t

Not here


She grasps the head,

that kisses her breasts,

in public.

Sighing her arousal.

– –

Fingertips brush a cheek

A palm kissed makes neck defenceless

To tenderest lips

Lethal in their softness

Piercing her completely.

– –

Burning up,

In your touch,

Say both of you.

– –

Eyes locked,

1st lustful gaze confirms the bond,

Sliding into contact,

Easily, comfortably,

Until desire drives,

Force needed by the fire.

– –

Virtual touch, silent voice,

Breath that doesn’t stir,

Will take lust’s magic carpet,

To silken whispering sensation,

& scented kiss.

– –

The tumbler full of sorrow

pours down your valley

‘twixt rounded hillocks,

cascades from arse to pussy

transformed by your essence

to nectar

– –

Red-stung, round and wounded, your cheeks cry out for more. More strongly even than your voice’s desperate plea.

– –

Waiting, bound, with inward sighs you dare not voice. A tide of desire moves into flood, as touch draws near.

– –

Your love of it brands you; on your skin and deep within. Spellbound by submission, your demand is yet palpable: my gift of loving pain.

– –

Hands clasped at my neck, leg twined behind mine. I submit to your surrender.

– –

Your eyes glint storm-sparks in the dark tinder of my desires.

– –

Pulse racing, against the tortoise of self-doubt. You prise my shell open and violate all negativity. No quarter given.

– –

Blue soul banished in the surge of your plum-blush. I am redeemed by the power of your vision of me.

– –

My luscious lovely,

Lovingly displayed,

Yearning for your lover,

Longed-for in return,

Drawn to you inexorably.

– –

Picture-posed perfection,

No concealment, open, waiting,

Inviting lips to savour and enjoy.

– –

Droplets shine on gleaming skin,

Sinuous curves fresh from the shower,

Tempt and tease, promising pleasure

– –

Lips leading lovers astray over patterned electricity. Tasteful tweets tempting thoughts of your taste.

– –


you tear away my rough exterior,

expose my softest pain,

to your soft care,

driving me to the roughest penetration,

…the hard fast fuck you desire.

– –

In tiredness’ ache,

your passion enters triumphant,

caressing me to pleasure and repose.

– –


Bound, captured,

Digitized and blogged.

#sixwords #sinfulsunday

– –

Waiting, naked,

blindfolded, kneeling,

dripping, complete.


– –




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